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Getting your blood tested can be a painful process for a number of reasons. It may be because of the costs, invasiveness of the needle, long turnaround time for results, or for any number of other reasons. We aim to alleviate these issues with our patent-pending technologies. Follow our blog to see updates with our company.

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blood Testing reinvented

Introducing our patent-pending blood collection device

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The largest value proposition our device offers is a smoother blood collection experience in seconds with little to no pain. Moreover, there are also clinical implications to the importance of our device:

Clinical Importance of KalMed Blood Collection Device:

  • Severe burn victims

  • Those with needle-phobia

  • Those with a tendency towards thrombosis

  • Those who are obese, elderly, or infants

  • Those with surface veins needed to be spared for intravenous therapy

  • Those with anemia

  • Etc.


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